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How to setup a RAT with Pics [TUTORIAL]

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rat, what vpn you should use etc. In this tutorial you will find out how to setup a rat from scratch!


1. Download QuasarRAT.


2. Order nVPN (Dedicated IP $8,00/mo) +  BP Domain(Backup)

https://securednet.su/clients/cart.php?a=add&domain=register (BP Domains at 7€)
After you order it, you will receive email with details to yours account, follow the guide that you receive on the email to get access to the vpn.
Now you can open your port, after that connect to the VPN.



3. Extract and open QuasarRAT
After that go to settings tab and put the port that you have open before, after that click "Start Listening" and click safe.


4. Builder Settings.
Go to the builder tab, and connection settings put IP of your vpn in IP/Hostname section and port that you have open it before on nvpn website.


5. Installation Settings:
First what you have to do is select "Install Client" after that change subdirectory and install name and change it to hidded if you want, and the last thing that you can do is change the startup name for something like "svchost" etc.


6. Surveillance Settings:
The last thing before building the file is "Enable Keyboard Logging" and set the attributes to hidded and now finally click "Build" button, set the name on your file and save it on your desktop.



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2 Jahre alt und trotzdem c&p ?? nur um deine Domains zu bewerben? :D

schreibs doch wenigstens um und übernimm sowas net 1zu1^^ sind wir hier bei cracked^^

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