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High & Mighty Drugshop .:Premium Weed:. .:Premium Hash:. .:Amnesia Haze:. .:Canada Cali:. .:Kokain Bolivia 92%:. .:S-Ketamin Needles:. .:MDMA Rocks:. .:XTC ~200mg:. .:LSD Needlepoint 200µ:. .:DMT:. .:Speed:.

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.:Premium Weed:. "Green Poison" & "Gelato"

.:Canada Cali:. "Slurricane" & "Pink Runtz" & "Biscotti"

.:Amnesia Haze:. 

.:Premium Hash:. "Nikol Kosh"

.:S-Ketamin Needles:.
.:Kokain Bolivia 92%:. 

.:MDMA Rocks:.

.:XTC ~200mg:. "Blaue ChupaChups" & "Gelbe McDonalds" & "Rote Fortnite" & "Gelbe Geldsäcke (220mg)"


.:DMT mimosa tenuiflora:.

.:Speed Paste:.

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