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Business Wise BD

- German E.K. / Freelancer -

- UK LTD -

- US LLC -


Hello I'm SMITSOLUTION, I’ve been working more than 2 years with the creation of Wise Accounts.
Now I want to offer my Service in this marketplace “Best Wise Business Accounts you can get for the best Price out there”


Maybe you’re thinking why should you buy from me! Everyone says the same. It’s true I’m not saying my account is
super good like this, I’m not selling only account
I’m giving support also about wise that’s why I’m different from others seller.
If you need any kind of info just text me don’t need to be a buyer.


You will get full access of that account with number access. If you want to change number it’s not an issue.

Warranty is For 3 days


You can order here but would prefer to contact me first on Telegram for all quiries.
( @smitsolutionbd or 
https://t.me/smitsolutionbd )


NEW German BIZ E.K.  NEW

1x • Germany BIZ E.K = 350 € •
3x • Germany BIZ E.K = 930 € (Each 310) •
5x • Germany BIZ E.K = 1400 € (Each 280) •
10x  • Germany Biz E.K = 2450 € (Each 245) •

German BIZ Freelancer

1x • German Freelancer BIZ = 280 € •
5x • German Freelancer Biz = 1250 € (Each 250) •



1x • UK LTD BIZ = 250 € •
5x • UK LTD BIZ = 1100 € (Each 220) • 
 10 • UK LTD BIZ = 2000 € (Each 200) •



1x • USA LLC BIZ = 250 € •
5x • USA LLC BIZ = 1100 € (Each 220) •
10x • USA LLC BIZ = 2000 € (Each 200) •



TH - Treuehand - Escrow


A few TH rules:

No work will be carried out Until you made a payment to the TH(Escrow). After paying into the TH, the trade can no

longer be withdrawn because I’ve started making the wise account. (If it’s already in stock then you will instantly).

I Will complete the ordered BDs and will make video before handing over, everything again to ensure that it is verified

and the bank details is shown & activated so it’s ready to use. My video can be used in dispute. You are also obliged to

make a video of getting the account details & login and checking the account. Don’t stop making video until you’ve

checked the account completely. Anyone who cuts, manipulates or has no video at all, they have no right to a

replacement. So, it will be your loss. That’s why please follow the rules.



Withdrawal must be confirmed in TH within 12 hours of delivery and Privnote being opened. Otherwise, the TH can be paid out without your confirmation (will be proofed based on the chat + from when the Privnote was opened)

Anyone who buys BDs from me automatically accepts these rules.


A few replacement rules:

Since you can also trick here and I want to prevent that, there are also a few rules here.

It will be replaced only if the account is untouched and the first deposit (No Transaction)

is still on the BD. No deposits or withdrawals may have been made.

Authorization payments (PayPal or other sites) are also considered transactions. 



ID is not given. No Vic IDs are used. To protect my ID template, these are not included.

You won’t get any id document still if you want to pay me extra charge. If you want to change your number I
 can do that with only login in the account no selfie needed for personal account also.

Therefore, pair your purchased Wise BD directly with the Wise App, change email password & secure email fully.
 And Wise password so that you do not lose access to your BD.

I'm not liable and I'm not obligate


Business BDs Making Time  approximately 1 hour to 72 hours (max.). It always depends on Wise himself. I can't expedite the process. All ordered BDs will only be handed over after verification and payment have been made. Not previously.

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Very friendly and professional seller

Top Wise Accs without P2P restrictions

I can only recommend!


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very  friendly and professionell seller. 

bought an wise business. really quick delivery.

Trustfull seller. 

good active times on board.

Thank you again for your accomodation


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good wise biz seller A++++

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I just ordered a German freelancer account this morning . Working 100% contact me if you doubt anything . Great guy 

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