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  1. Paysera BD for sale, verified and completely clean. LT iban (multiple ibans can be created in app) German name Price: 130€, th is welcome. other bds can be created on request
  2. Hey guys, have an issue with WebID. Going through veri process, everything seems ok but when it comes to receive TAN they can't send code for whatever reason. IDnow, Postident works well. Any ideas why it happens?
  3. 1x iCard bd 1x Wise bd Also other BDs can be opened on request. both on the same German name Price: 100€ per each bd TH always welcome
  4. Selling fully verified Wise BD, German name Price 150€ TH accepted
  5. Looking for https://SKpay.sk (Slovakia) drops, offer instant filling. Bring as much accounts as you have. instant exchange & 50%
  6. Need BBBank drops, quick exchange. Offer 5digit OB cashout. Only trusted people, newcomers who avoid TH don't waste your time here.
  7. Want to report user @Erdbendiger for TH rejection. He thinks that he's too cool and reputable for trading via TH user: https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/53818-erdbendiger/ proof: https://ibb.co/Dz20hwm user informed
  8. Urgently need BBBank & ING. Only trusted users or TH
  9. Try to pay for iCloud storage once again, they keep information on their servers for some time. Also the best thing you can do is to hit up Apple Hotline, hopefully they might help you.
  10. Push. BBBank, ING, Sparkasse, Volksbank, etc...
  11. I'm not lying. You actually got banned there, customer won arbitrage which you decided not to pay or fix docs. proofs: https://ibb.co/Xjw9JX5 https://ibb.co/M6dtcW3 once again, avoid any deals with this guy if you don't want to freeze your money in TH while reporting this amateur, greedy reseller.
  12. Avoid this guy, he got banned on reputable Russian forums for providing bad quality documents without revision and not paying customer and arbitrage back. He is just a reseller and don't take responsibillity if something goes wrong.
  13. Push. Need BBBank & ING (for monday), only trusted or TH.
  14. Push. Need BBBank & ING (for monday), only trusted or TH.