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  1. Selling wise EU + binance EU Perfect way to load VCC and deposit money to crypto. Also Binance eats almost any CC Offers PM
  2. Got UAE merchant. It can be loaded with amex, apple pay and google pay
  3. I would like to sell Spanish binance. Fully verified on binance plus. Documents included. €150
  4. This bank is better than openbank and BBVA. Very strong and can receive funds. Also has cards
  5. I would like to sell Spanish Imagin bank Very stable. I can also receive ES transfer and cash out to crypto
  6. If anyone working with UAE banks this please PM. Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc
  7. Hello I would like to sell BBVA SPAIN. Please send your offers in PM. Escrow+
  8. Still looking for someone working in UAE
  9. Hi So I'm slowly looking for a partners, I have a lot of drops in UAE. Can accept transfers and sell banks but would like to know if someone here is even interested in this? Thanks