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  1. I do not know who DGM is, I used to work on the bitifai site, you can see the date of creation of my account and the feedback received. I am very sorry that you were deceived, but I am not involved in this
  2. Ladies and Gentelments We provide services for the verification of crypto exchanges, banks, carsharing and other sites. We have a large database of drops from all over the world, so we can fulfill almost any order. Why us? We don't have vacations, we don't have sick days, we don't celebrate public holidays, we work 24/7/365. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cryptoexchangers: Binance Crypto.com Kraken Kucoin Excelon Coinbase Gemini Eglobex Bit2me Litebit Bitstamp Okx Banks: Revolut Personal/Biz (Nox/Bluestack) UK/POLISH Penta Blackcatcard Wirex ING Poland Santander Poland N26 DE iban Austria bank WU+ iCard Bunq Carsharing accounts: Miles Sharenow Sixt _________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you haven`t found a suitable product, please contact us here or in telegram CONTACTS: Telegram: @leninspaket https://t.me/leninspaket Be aware, you can contact me only by this telegram link ❗❗❗