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  1. He did not pay 27500 EU for the total of 55 thousand EU I paid on Friday and Saturday and deleted his telegram. A clean friend who doesn't run after petty calculations and makes you feel the whip when it strikes. Thank you for screwing us like this and disappearing. You are not worth opening or talking about. I hope the crime management will do what is necessary
  2. This is just lies, nonsense and fraud, please do what is necessary and ban the person. He blocked me on telegram and deleted all the conversations, but I have his pictures and our trade was through escrow on the forum. He has no right to victimize people and such irresponsible people should not be on this forum.
  3. The person did not respond to me. I request to be banned
  4. The person did not respond to me. I request to be banned
  5. btc : 3Bojk9pMMPPethhwo22TEGJSBEhKkCseeJ
  6. I bought VoIP through escrow with Miracle 4 days ago. It was closed after 1 hour. The user does not respond, I am complaining. I have the evidence @Miracle
  7. I bought limitlessvoip voip in October, but I was a victim of it. He said he would replace it with a new one, but he did not supply it. Even though I sent messages on the forum many times, he does not answer me. I have evidence and it will be shared with admins and moderators. https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/160685-limitlessvoip/ @LimitlessVOIP
  8. https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/160672-pablo-banking/ Voip geldi, akşam test edildi, ertesi gün giriş yaptım, voip girişi olmadı. Bu arkadaştan şikayetim var, gerekli deliller gösterilebilir. kanıt burada https://dosya.co/gv9p98akz7vy/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-13.jpg.html https://dosya.co/8ak3eakhy6fg/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-30.jpg.html https://dosya.co/gv9p98akz7vy/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-13.jpg.html https://dosya.co/gv9p98akz7vy/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-13.jpg.html https://dosya.co/lyeqoojw26zb/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-34.jpg.html https://dosya.co/8x4xqoj5eb2d/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-37.jpg.html https://dosya.co / yr2gc6897df0/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-48.jpg.html https://dosya.co/oq4vysy3ccso/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-52.jpg.html https://dosya.co/qw4fya8yxyy0/photo_2023 - 10-19_15-14-56.jpg.html https://dosya.co/d6ygmj7yj7cn/photo_2023-10-19_15-14-59.jpg.html https://dosya.co/utrb9xcv2r9a/photo_2023-10-19_15 - 15-03.jpg.html
  9. Seven11 is great guy very good communication very fast sent ez got btc in minutes no.1 on the market perfect
  10. Seven11 is great guy very good communication very fast sent ez got btc in minutes no.1 on the market perfect
  11. Bd24 is a great person, all his work is transparent and honest. We did business without establishing a connection through the forum, but he was always sincere and honest, definitely +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  12. 4 Tagen var, savaş genellikle çevrimiçi Ich warte seit 4 Tagen, es war schon oft online
  13. sipgate took the money to get it defrauded me I sent 280 euro, that is 0.014 btc 5 day not respond to documents. it's a scam, definitely don't let it scam you and cancel your account https://ibb.co/nkj7dJYhttps://ibb.co/Mp8k0RShttps://ibb.co/5vPTDJwhttps://ibb.co/HxBKD0mhttps://ibb.co/xJn6c1fhttps://ibb .co/XtJdW0Y https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/46155-madlad/