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  1. I do not recommend. I paid 1000 USD to buy it. The author of the program disappeared. A new person came and did not provide support. He asked for the software fee again. The old software does not work.
  2. This friend sold me another voip because I'm selling sipgate. Then he stole 350 euros from my partner saying that I would give sipgate and did not deliver. He says if you give me 125 euro at midnight, I will change with sipgate. this person is a scammer. not responding on telegram
  3. https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/881-internetbeast/ first gave another voip under the name of sipgate. then took 350 euro payment for sipgate and no answer. I have the necessary evidence, I will share it when the administrator wants
  4. When I write to a friend from telegram, he answers after 2 days. Even the sms provider that the second one gave me does not respond, how do I spam? this training was a complete waste of money
  5. profile https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/44086-h0m3r/
  6. https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/topic/122232-h0m3r-report/&tab=comments#comment-1177410 this friend is not even online in telegram, he is supposed to provide mentoring service. live support zero 2000 euros, I'm hurt that I gave a crap script. On the site he gave me for sms, sms cannot be sent even with deutchebank title.
  7. there is no problem at the moment. It showed the spam event. It will show the cashout method according to the incoming log. If there is any problem, I will write again, thank you
  8. None of the mentoring promises given to me came to pass. After opening a simple php phishing and report, sending sms gave a document that is not clear where to send. There is not the slightest thing about how to use bank accounts and how to make money. I waited for him for days, what will be the reward for this? My work was delayed for 15 days?
  9. I am the victim who has been waiting since June 15th, I am the one who borrowed money from someone else and put it at your service. You're up, you're still talking about spam. You say 4 logs, 2 of them are wrong, the others are not clear what they are. The decision is yours, admin and mods, I'm so tired now
  10. The above translation is wrong. I've been online regularly on the forum and telegram every day. evidence is available
  11. I didn't insult you personally. There are 4 passwords that you call logs, 2 of them are wrong and 2 of them are unknown user passwords. And on top of that, you're still trying to be right and you say I'm not online, I wrote to you online every day. The host you suggested to me lost 6-7 days, the remaining 10 days were because of you. I bought it on your recommendation. I have evidence. Stop slandering me still
  12. When you say you received the logs Let's report the logs to an admin. It is a simple script that is unclear what it is and 4 logs and how it is used. There is a world difference between what you promised me in telegram and on the subject and what you implemented. I leave the decision to the admins.
  13. I don't want compensation. I've been waiting for 16 days. get my money back
  14. https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/44086-h0m3r/ https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/topic/99399-biete-hochklassige-cashout-scripts-für-verschiedene-banken-cashe-jetzt-deine-eigenen-obs/& I bought cashout script and mentoring service from this friend. first he told me to buy a vps, where he suggested, vps was not active for 4 days. After being active, it took up to 6 days due to faulty installation etc. The lousy phishing page with no password even installed on the simple admin panel. He says he provides a mentoring service, but he did not share the slightest information about how to spam and how to transfer logs. I have all the evidence and logs recorded in video form. There has been no progress for 15 days. I spent 2170 USD and I have nothing registered in the name of the information. i am complaining It says there is 24/7 technical support, but you can't find a contact in telegram. I wish I had worked with other people who provide mentoring services. I want my money back
  15. https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/35234-1nsane/ I bought fakeshop from 1nsane. I applied the mc ready account according to the document it gave the problematic products, there was a problem with the account, it shows the ads in red. I wrote to the forum as a private message many times, but he did not reply. technical support does not give and does not respond. I want my grievance to be relieved The moderator is closing the issue without looking at the evidence I have. Please review my evidence first and then decide. 1NSANE's slanders annoy me