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  1. need EU ob's with full info (dob,address,email) *where tan is not required for entrance, PM me
  2. interested in voba too! pm me
  3. Vic projekt

    I am looking for a German employment contract (arbeitsvertrag) sample for bankdrops with all the duties, benefits an so on. Of course I will remake it for my needs
  4. Vic projekt

    Still need contract (agreement) template, if anyone have used - please share with me in PM. Thanks in advance
  5. sorry for interrupting into your thread , but I'm looking for the same! Have you tried to contact @Realme? (his msg is upwards)
  6. actual! looking for a supplier. i pay 30 eur per login+pass 8k+, if you have 50 logins - i pay u 1.5k , if u have 100 - i pay u 3k. any quantity
  7. want to buy all yours OBs! log+pass, PM me if you accept TH
  8. Vic projekt

    Can anyone share used vicproject or contract (agreement) template? I can pay for it, not need individual/ultranew/very special etc...used its ok for me
  9. Buy sparka OB's in bulk, can check the valid, need only those with balances 5k+ and higher . Escrow or OB's in front. Do not offer overpriced deals as I know the pricing. Ready to buy on regular basis
  10. I need de ibans on regular basis for cashout. Only real banks (NO n26 ,bunq or so) 50/50 . Deal only via guarantor. PM