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    I was thinking of trying to order, but I don't think it's worth it anymore We are waiting for the serious sellers to come back to work
  2. Hello, my package has arrived and I will write a small review contact 10/10 much more than good, some would have to learn from him shipping 10/10 everything went very fast stealth 9/10 Almost perfect, the only thing that broke was that the box was a little open, but inside everything was very good Products: amnesia 10/10: something very good with a good taste and intense smell, I liked it 80er 10/10: very good material, everyone is delighted with this product, it does not burn on the throat and does not have that bad smell and the effect is very good You're doing a good job with him. Reseller speed ?/10 : I received a gift 5-7g reseller speed but I have not tested it yet, I will come back with a review cox 9/10: I had 5g and they were taken directly by someone, the product is good, my friend felt it intensens and said he would like more. I offer 9/10 because it was all in small pieces and that didn't make me feel good at all ... (I hope that next time there will be bigger pieces). Overall he is a very good seller and you are not wrong if you buy from him We are waiting for you to return mr. frog^^
  3. and understand that you sell 6cl, but buy 5cl from here? sorry but I do not understand
  4. I'm waiting for your message because you know what's good Did anyone get an ice tester?
  5. Recenzie 1g Felix în afara Germaniei Am comandat 1g Felix cu o mulțime de recenzii aici pe această temă și este foarte, foarte, foarte bun comunicare: a fost cam greu, dar nu a fost o problema pentru ca si-au facut treaba si mi-au oferit si un update la pachet Livrare: A durat ceva timp, dar sa terminat cu bine, oricum, locuiesc in afara Germaniei si depind de dhl. calitate: este cea mai bună coca pe care am încercat-o aici pe forum, precum și cea mai bună pe care am pufnit-o în orașul meu și trebuie să mă aprovizionez Este exact ceea ce cauți și nu greși dacă cumperi de aici. Sper să stai aici cât mai mult timp pace
  6. I ordered from wickr dopeboyz1 But the moment @weed69 sent me wickr said of him, someone was there immediately and even sent me a btc address (without even a transaction on it) and insisting that I send the money there. I think something should be done about it !
  7. Following a large number of positive reviews, I am very curious about his products and have been trying to contact him for a few days to place an order, but he does not respond. Does anyone know anything, is it okay?