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  1. penta + bitpanda in stock bunq in stock pm me
  2. of course not. I always agree to th. I do not know what kind of half-wit he is and what kind of nonsense he writes
  3. @LuigiHow much time does he have to fulfill his obligations?
  4. Now he delete him telegram, if he not paid today - scam 100%
  5. lie, I made a complete unloading of the telegram and chat, you didn’t talk about it, you took the accounts and just deleted the chat
  6. he was write me and told what he want buy penta acc we agreed that 500 will be thrown off after checking and 500 the next day. he sent 500 and told me to do more, I made 2 accounts, we switched to telegram. I gave him the first acc, he dropped 500, gave another one and he stopped responding, deleted the chat after 2 hours. I have saved the export of correspondence from tg and will provide it below, the damage is 2000 euros. I ask for his blocking or payment of funds to me https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aVu3Jf_k9dUDOlyofq71IN9yggqU8hwx/view?usp=sharing all correspondence before the telegram was in the personal messages of the forum. I saved everything
  7. [B] Penta BD

    ripper dont paid for accs