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  1. https://privnote.com/4fazp1hR#UdV8HWMrO
  2. suche o2 accounts mailvalid
  3. Er ist ein Dieb, er versucht mich zu betrügen, aber als ich ihn bitte, die Zahlung im Forum zu leisten, rennt er davon
  4. am inviting you to the chat please i wrote in the chat that am suching for o2 login and he wrote me that he has more to sell and 1 is for 4 but he will send me 10 for 35 euro. and he send me link for the transcatoin the moment i send the money he stop replying my messages up till now i never get the o2 accounts from him
  5. https://crimemarket.cn/index.php?/profile/61429-legitde i worte in the forum that i need o2 acc and he sent me message that he have some and he told me 1 for 4 euro and i have sent him 35 euro with comfirmation since but he refuse to send me the accounts
  7. i try to add you for telegram but its not working you have to add me for telegram
  8. Suche o2 Login valid Accounts
  9. Do not believe him He do not have any accounts He is scammer