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  1. Push what? You are not responding in Telegram
  2. You already do e-whoring in SB here, kid. Should know that better than anyone else.
  3. @supremo here's a job for you.
  4. You better spend all your time on seeking for a job, than shitposting in SB and ask for 5euros donations. This ain't no kindergarden.
  5. This kid should've been reported earlier. I think everyony in SB tired of this kid trolling and asking for donations EVERY single DAY. Registered 2 weeks ago, shitposted in every thread to reach lvl1 and get some "reputation". I'm 100% sure in short time he will ripp someone, who will fall on his "reputation" and rank.
  6. Only today for 60€ TH is welcome
  7. DE bd available for klaz/uws EU instore BDs available for EZ/FS/Sepa instant exchange
  8. Bali is more expensive now, prices on apartments, guesthouses went up. I think Turkey is good choice, not too far away also
  9. Agree, if it's first time, you can get away by acting like you were VIC yourself.
  10. Obviously they will be invited to police station and questioned
  11. Get fake id, open bds online and instore, then sell ones that nobody fill, other ones you can use for filling.