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  1. Reporting you scammer https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/topic/77030-report-agains-xaxino/
  2. Accused user link https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/profile/66760-xaxino/ amount in dispute:- 7€ possibly link to the thread:- https://crimemarket.is/index.php?/topic/76898-b-?xaxinonet-hq-kreditkarten-high-limit-7€?/&tab=comments#comment-670024 Evidence (screenshots, videos) Justification of the report:- Paid 7€ for CC on his site never got one , his site gives same btc address to everyone TXid d60f45a6215fe3869320ba31076ded91027a3cb429b625d0911b104791c9eea9
  3. @Xaxinoi have dmed u and will waot 12h after will i report you as scammer
  4. My payment has 1+ confirm now (site asks for 1) havent received cc , the site gives samw btc addeess to everyone so thats strange
  5. I paid for a 7€ CC On Site right now Txid:- d60f45a6215fe3869320ba31076ded91027a3cb429b625d0911b104791c9eea9 Will Update How good it was once i get it
  6. He refunded finally this may be closed
  7. Hello.sir, long story short i bought 2klarna elvs with plz from Tomi, he give me 2 with plz as na i said what to do he said open mail to get plz but i couldnt, he gave 2mail logins again mail dead, gives 2more again dead Been 4hours since he replied while last seen in a few mins ago, he just said last that he doesnt have Klarna i could take something else from him which i dont need Screenshots: - https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9s https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9K https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9x https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9N https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9H https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9w https://gifyu.com/image/S2b93 https://gifyu.com/image/S2b99 https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9h https://gifyu.com/image/S2b9E User: - https://crimemarket.to/index.php?/profile/5592-tomi/ Btc address for refund: - 37fCqosMC3RiynSa8tty3uoDSSjNFc5QsD