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  1. Suche auch EU Banken mit diesen Kriterien. Drop sollte paar Tage aushalten, egal was drauf passiert.. Bitte 500€ wenn die NP Drops abliefern die du empfiehlst + Info wer sie verkauft.. TH kein Ding.
  2. +++ Hier könnt ihr sicher exchangen, falls euer Exchanger mal den Geist aufgibt. Nutze den Service seit Monaten on Probleme +++
  3. Ich habe übers wochenende auch 50k+ geschickt. Er hat auch gesagt sie sind safe angekommen und bei exxer. Nun schreibt er: https://prnt.sc/o6WMdxdcNU1c Wie kann es sein das solche Leute keine TH Pflicht haben? Eine eigene grüne Gruppe und sich selbst so oft pushen? Mit "EZ-König" gibt er sich selbst 5x eine Bewertung, daher ein Zweitaccount... Proofs gehen zum Mod mit allem. Traurig
  4. Biete wenn euer Ausgangsdrop Echtzeit hat, Instant Exchange zu BTC. 60% für euch! Sehr gut für OB-Cashing, B2B oder große ÜWs. Stückeln auch kein Problem. Ganz einfach auf BIZ EU Drop bis 100k! BTC Auszahlung innerhalb von 3h. TH kein Problem.
  5. Welcher Socksanbieter von den Vorschlägen arbeitet so wie 911.re mittels software, sodass man kein proxifier extra braucht zum einbinden?
  6. Hey, suche hier tipps nachdem Excelon ja den Geist aufgegeben zu sehr stabilen EU Drops für FS Payments! Nein kein eglobex oder weststein und sowas.. Die Dinger sollen einfach viel und lange aushalten ohne viel Veri und Support. Zahle gut für Infos mit Proofs! Nein ich fille nicht für dich, wenn du paar Wochen gerregt bist und mir nun die sichersten Drops anbieten kannst..
  7. Fakeshop Erfahrungen

    läuft 100k umsatz am tag ohne probleme.. Wer safen eu exchanger braucht für 30k € an eingängen und mehr - für 50% kann sich melden. kommt weniger aber noch mehr als auf ein nuri - welcher nicht alle üws durchlässt und gefühlt ab 10k am tag eingängen down geht..
  8. We regret to inform you that we permanently shut down 911 and all its services on July 28th. For the past 2 years, 911 has been the target of group of hackers doing phishing attacks. They cloned the front-end and back-end of our website, registered hundreds of similar domains and established websites, placed paid search ads on search engines, and social media. When 911 users log in to the phishing website, they record your login credentials, and even induce you to give the secret answer of your account to further steal your 911 account (if you recharge on the phishing website, your recharge will also be stolen). These stolen accounts can be resold for illegal use and abusing our proxy network. When it is found, its already too late, abuse has already occurred, and account balances have been used. But 911 always has zero tolerance for illegality and abuse of our proxy network. Over the years we have banned thousands of accounts for violating our terms of service. We actively follow up on any abuse complaints we receive, We also assisted the German and Polish police in handling cases many times. Our attitude is proactive, we programmatically block many easy-to-target domains and vulnerable ports and protocols, such as sending spam, using Bittorrent to spread copyrighted files, etc. are impossible in the 911 network. But it is still not enough, because many abuses cannot be accuretely detected by program. For example, a user using a proxy to visit amazon for shopping, it is difficult to determine whether the user is logged in with his own account and whether he is using his own bank card to pay. But if we block these shopping sites, it will affect normal users. Therefore, in order to increase the success rate of vetting, a lot of manpower, and time costs are required to manually analyze all user behaviors. But this is a huge challenge for us, and the cost is far beyond our ability. This is one of the main reasons why we chose to shut down the service. The most unfortunate thing is that our recharge system was hacked in early July, and it was found that someone manipulated the balance of a large number of user accounts by using the API of the recharge system, but not sure how did the hacker get in. Therefore, we urgently shut down the recharge system, new user registration and an investigation started. On July 28th, a large number of users reported that they could not log in the system. We found that the data on the server was maliciously damaged by the hacker, resulting in the loss of data and backups. After assisting the investigation by the IDC, it was found that the hacker first invaded the SurgeMail server through a low version vulnerability. The historical emails sent by the IDC contains the login and password of the servers' KVM device. By connecting to the KVM hardware, the hacker restarted the servers and loaded the ISO image to complete the further invasion. Its confirmed that the recharge system was also hacked the same way. We were forced to make this difficult decision due to the loss of important data that made the service unrecoverable. Sorry to say goodbye to everyone, 911 would like to thank you all for your continued support and trust over the years. Finally, please note that the shutdown of 911 is permanent. But after we shut down the service, the criminals who do phishing attacks may still not stop their activities. They may use the fake website cloned before to pretend to be us, continue tricking people into paying them. https://911.re/
  9. haha oder du öffnest den link ohne TOR - da lightshot das blockiert
  10. .

    Suche auch für FS Shops! EU Biz Bds und Nuri! Nur noch TH mit Hinterlegung, weil hier so viele kleine Larries unterwegs sind.