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  1. ++WE NEED CURRENTLY UP TO 100k PER DAY - PLEASE CONTACT ME++ FEES UP TO 15%???★★Looking for Long-term Partners with Banking Network★★???Hi,We are long-term in Business and looking for new Partner who can exchange Large Amounts of Money on daily basis.???Daily up to 100k SEPA AND SWIFT TRANSERS+++ ???.✨ Deals and Process ✨Only interested in long-term partnerships, no one-day dealsFees for exchanging. We are able to give to 15% on exchange fee. Daily availability and knowledge with banks is required.✨ What we expect from you: ✨* Acceptance of larger sums should be no problem* Instant Exchange* Good accessibility and fast, clear communication* Send me PM or contact me on Telegram (@ExchangerGlobal) with the Amount you are can receive on you Bank Accounts.✨ PAYMENT AND CURRENCY ✨* SEPA / SWIFT BANK TRANSFER, GBP and EUR.✨ ESCROW PAYMENT ✨* We support Escrow Payments✨ Questions ? ✨* Send a PM with your Telegram ID / Invite Link.We have been in this business for a very long time, so don't even try to rip us off. If you are interested or can help us, please contact us at any time.
  2. please send your TelgID