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  1. I unfortuantly don't have any anosims. I think i have BG anosim only.. but in which it is expensive to call outside BG.. ( maybe like 1minute 3 euro). If you can call me i can gladly send you money
  2. Ban @HermannGauch... Du hurensohn. He is using alt Cm acc, trying to rip for pennies all the time in cm telegram too..
  3. My registered number is from google voice... +1... maybe this is the issue or... I tried to clear cookies waited 72h but same issue. I wrote to paypal support via twitter today, i hope they help...
  4. @Fraudware Upload is not possible because this always appears. I tried running as administrator, restarting the program and everything. When i try to put new proxy from Proxyless, upload is also not possible. Only with my proxies is possible
  5. Hello, i am searching who can help login in my paypal..... I always get this error: We couldn't confirm that this is you. WHOEVER HELPS ME I PAY 100 EURO! I already waited 80 Hours and i tried to login again.. But no fix... TH ist Moglich!!
  6. Ye bro but with selfcreated accs much less traffic… i am filling only FF … want to start UW and FF but have no good caller… so i have to stick with FF for now with vic accs since more traffic and more vics agree to pay….
  7. Wieder zufrieden! Habe bereits 1k + Euro mit ihm getauscht, wirklich schnelle Auszahlung! Auf jeden Fall weiter zu empfehlen! Er macht auch einen benutzerdefinierten Namen Emails!
  8. Sie haben bereits eine gute Menge Geld ausgetauscht. Ich bin wirklich zufrieden. Definitiv Reccomend!