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  1. Just answer the Private messages next time. We all are busy with stuff but it doesnt mean you shouldn't reply to messages. This should not be closed until you receive my letter and scan it for me. Since you already got the money, this is how I want to make sure you are trustworthy. The problem is that TH was deleted so this thread is the only option to be safe for me.
  2. Hello, First of all, my main account was stolen from me @dubs1 . Account got banned and I cannot recover it (hacker changed password on e-mail too) A deal was made on TH last week that USER @Leser69 will provide me BKD for QR letter from DHL. TH was paid fully by me. DHL letter was successfully sent to Leser69's BKD. I cannot find TH thread anymore so I guess BTC was transferred to him. But Leser69 didn't finish the job and I haven't gotten any SCAN of letter! And now when I write PN to Leser69 he doesn't read, doesn't respond. Why user does this? Please help me with the solution.